Campaign Strategy Kit

Business Development and Job Training by Luis Prado (Red) - Low ResVoteLibraries is a community of library campaign experts devoted to helping local ballot committees succeed in voter outreach and engagement, while also supporting effective Informational communications campaigns by library staff and trustees.

We don’t want you to go it alone.  Feel free to contact EveryLibrary for specific guidance or to answer questions. EveryLibrary is a pro-bono resource for your campaign. We don’t make any money on our recommendations. Our donors support our work and we provide you with advising, consulting, training and coaching for every step of a library campaign.

Vote YES Resources
These Campaign Kits are free to use, adapt, or even reject.  No two towns are the same, but every library ballot measure strategy has certain similar characteristics.  EveryLibrary has built these resources to help you either get started or add-on to your campaign efforts.

View the whole Campaign Kit series.

Information Only Resources
If you’re looking to improve your library’s official communications campaign and outreach, please visit the resources we have on the EveryLibrary website.  The competencies are similar, but the difference between how to run a YES campaign versus as neutral, informational campaign by public employees or officials is significant.


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EveryLibrary regularly trains and coaches library staff and boards on best practices for Info-Only communications campaigns.