VoteLibraries is an initiative of EveryLibrary, the first nationwide political action committee (PAC) for libraries. As a PAC, EveryLibrary is 100% donor supported. We are dedicated to building voter support for libraries, for helping stakeholders negotiate with elected officials for better library funding, and for helping libraries communicate with residents and constituents in times of budget crisis. Join the hundreds of other donors in making a contribution to EveryLibrary today.

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We’ve helped nearly 40 public libraries with their local campaigns and for every dollar we’ve invested we’ve helped return $1,600 to local libraries in stable tax revenue. We love the work and we know how to help libraries win the funding they need in order to continue to serve the varying needs of the community. Add your support today. It’s an investment in the future of libraries and the future of America.

VL Donate PageWhat Our Supporters Are Saying

EveryLibrary will be built with the help of hundreds of individual donors, people who identify personally with the idea that political action for libraries is needed – now.  This community of supporters is adding their financial support to support the first nation-wide PAC for libraries.  Read about why they donated and how they know libraries change lives.

“You and your team are doing great work and every librarian should be supporting EveryLibrary! I’ve made my contribution a recurring monthly donation and I wish you all the best. Thanks for the work that you’re doing and I am proud to put my support behind it!”
– Richard Huffine


“I support EveryLibrary as a regular part of my charitable giving because I know that my money will be used to get direct high impact results for libraries across America.”
– Christian Zabriskie


“EveryLibrary is a phenomenal new powerhouse helping libraries at the local level.”
– Naomi House INALJ Editor, Publisher and Founder


“Sometimes, when you need support, all you have to do is ask. If the cause is a good one, people are happy to help. I think libraries are a great cause, and I think people will be happy to help us. The key is asking in a way that makes sense, with a unified voice, and a clear message. I think EveryLibrary is the right way for us to unify our voices. My donation is more than a vote of confidence, it’s my way asking EveryLibrary to speak on my behalf.” – Brett Bonfield


“If we want change, we have to be the agents. I encourage everyone to put their money (and time and attention) where their mouth is and help build a foundation for library-friendly political action. Not only can we change how the public sees the role of libraries in the 21st century, but by working with partners in the public and private industries, local governments, and community organizations, we can change how they vote and change the future of libraries everywhere!” – John Jackson @johnxlibris


“I believed in libraries even before I became a librarian. Growing up in a country where there were no public libraries, I was fortunate that I had access to books at home. Once I came to this country, I made the most of our local library. Libraries rule. Thanks for #MIH.” – Jade Alburo 


“Thanks for providing the vision and the leadership to create this incredibly valuable resource for libraries across the United States. Libraries have a long history of collaboration and cooperation in the development of services for our communities, and it’s time we stand together in the political arena as well. Cheers.” – Derek Wolfgram


“I’m supporting EveryLibrary because this sort of political action seems the most effective way to produce desired results, and there has been a real lack of library advocacy from other PACs. EveryLibrary has real potential to generate discourse about the value of libraries and to assist libraries in very real ways by encouraging voters and politicians to keep library doors open and keep libraries hiring. I’m excited to see what the future has in store!” – Julia Skinner


Libraries are doing vital work in our communities. When times are tough, it’s easy to focus on the problems right in front of you and lose sight of the big picture, but it’s more important than ever that we band together and work collectively and cooperatively to support ALL libraries. – Genesis Hansen


Add your name to this list of supporter by donating via the political action platform today.