The VoteLibraries Impact

VoteLibraries artwork used by a Vote YES committee during a 2016 campaign in which a library asked voters for a building bond and an increase of the operating levy.

VoteLibraries means that neighbors and voters come together to say Vote YES for our libraries. VoteLibraries is an EveryLibrary initiative and a call-to-action for town councils, city government, and county commissioners across the country to properly fund our libraries and support our librarians. VoteLibraries says to state legislators and members of Congress that we are engaged citizens and constituents who want our issues – and the future of well funded libraries – heard. Together, we can make a difference for library funding at all levels of society.

With your support and engagement, VoteLibraries has become a powerful voice for change, helping people see librarians as the allies in education, business development, community empowerment, and individual discovery that they are – and have always been.

VoteLibraries is committed to voter education and resource sharing for library stakeholders, advocates and the general public. With VoteLibraries, EveryLibrary wants to extend our impact beyond the nearly 40 library elections we’ve directly helped and continue to reach out into libraries and communities across the country.

You found VoteLibraries for a reason. Here, you’ll learn a lot about running a library campaign, advocating for your local library, and running a negotiation about library funding. Get educated about the issues, get engaged as an advocate, help spread the word and tell your social networks and neighbors to #VoteLibraries.