Rapid Response for Library Campaigns in Crisis

As we move into the November elections, we know two things about libraries on the ballot:

  1. Something is going to break, and break badly, for a few library campaigns;
  2. It is a very strange election year.

I’m concerned personally and professionally about the way that some candidates are talking. It has become easy, again, to divide people into groups and use labels. I think libraries are going to see a lot more negativity and direct attacks from the kinds of anti-library forces that we have seen in the past.

The attacks will undoubtedly come late in the campaign, and they will most certainly need to be answered. As a community, we need to be ready to defend and support library campaigns across the country and we can do that with our Rapid Response Fund. Since 2013, EveryLibrary’s Rapid Response Fund has helped a dozen library campaigns that were in real trouble with an infusion of smart, targeted money to try to overcome their big Election Day problems. We’ve spent this money on social media ads and other outreach in support of libraries in crisis.

We need your help and donor support to continue this unique and critical work. Our Rapid Response Fund needs to have cash on hand to respond immediately and help those libraries correct the record, answer disinformation, and push the true story about those libraries. Can you start a $5-10 a month donation today to the Rapid Response Fund to help us keep the Fund as effective as possible for libraries this November and throughout the next year?

When a library in crisis contacts us, we will be able to ‘turn on’ a Rapid Response campaign in 6 to 8 hours. But without the funding to buy the resources that we need to target the local community, we can’t help at all. We know too well that in the land of politics no money means no voice. You can help fix this problem by donating today.