SaveLibraries Crisis Center

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Are you concerned that someone on your town council or county commission is screwing around with the library’s funding? Are your librarians being put through the wringer with this year’s budget, and it seems really political?  Is there a vote coming up very quickly in the state legislature and you need to mobilize your neighbors to take action for their libraries?

EveryLibrary and our SaveLibraires crisis center can help. Funded by donations to the EveryLibrary “Rapid Response Fund”, SaveLibraries can provide you or your Friends/Foundation group with tactical advice, coaching, and immediate funding resources to turn a negotiation around and win the day for your library. We are experienced at empowering library advocates in small towns and big cities across the country. And we have funding available to help the legitimate local stakeholders get the word out fast across social media to their neighbors.

All contacts are confidential and will be returned within 24 hours.  If you need help making your voice heard for the library, please contact us today.  If we can help, we will.

About the Rapid Response Fund from EveryLibrary

EveryLibrary’s Rapid Response Fund is designed to amplify the voices of local library advocates during a crisis by supporting paid ads for outreach and action.  In setting up the Rapid Response Fund we will not attempt to replace or supplant the legitimate local advocates; rather, we will apply best-practices to market them through social media.  The Fund will allow us to drive traffic to their calls-to-action by both new and existing constituents and advocates.

EveryLibrary will not set the agenda or create the calls-to-action.  That responsibility still resides with the local advocates.  They are closer to the issue and are already trusted in their community.  We work to spend the Rapid Response Funds in a way that creates success through broad-based or targeted advertising that produces measurable results.

Other National Crisis Resources

For censorship issues and banned/challenged books, visit to the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF). They are the best resource for defending the First Amendment in libraries.

For help with employment discrimination issues, visit the Merritt Fund.  They provide direct financial assistance to librarians and library staff in need.