State PACs and Orgs

Acces to Information by Vikram Nongmaithem - Low ResVoteLibraries believes that the entire library advocacy ecosystem is more successful when resources, skills, and support are shared across organizations. If you want to make an impact for library funding in your state legislature or to voters statewide, several state level political action committees or ballot committees are set up around the country. Please click through for more about their individual missions and approach to putting donor support to work.

CaliforniaEveryLibrary California
EveryLibrary California is a state wide organization of library advocates and stakeholders who rally local advocates to change policy for California Libraries and the people they serve.

Missouri – Show Me Libraries
Show Me Libraries is a non-partisan political action committee created to support the advocacy efforts of Missouri’s public libraries, and will pool contributions to make donations to the election campaigns of Missouri legislators. ​ Show Me Libraries was formed in October 2015. 

New YorkNew Yorkers for Better Libraries
The New Yorkers for Better Libraries Political Action Committee is a group of library leaders who believe that there is a need to supplement the library community’s advocacy efforts with campaign contributions and other activities directed toward those in Albany who can really help libraries.

OregonPeople for Oregon Libraries
The People for Oregon Libraries Political Action Committee is a group of library supporters who work to support library issues and library legislation in Oregon. They provide campaign contributions to state legislators in support of the legislative agenda of the Oregon Library Association.

TexasTexas Library PAC
The Texas Library PAC is a non-partisan organization that contributes to the campaigns of legislators and candidates who support the interests and needs of Texas libraries and Texas library users.

As a national political action committee for libraries, EveryLibrary is interested in supporting the creation and sustainability of more state organizations and PACs focused on state-level legislative or ballot measure outcomes. Please contact EveryLibrary to talk about the technical assistance and possible financial support we can provide in scoping our a state level library PAC.