Super Tuesday – #VoteLibraries

Presidential-Inspiration_BOB-RUBIN_largeThe top of the ticket matters on Super Tuesday. We’re talking about and voting on who will be the next President. It is on everyone’s mind and it is all over the news. It is a primary election. It is inherently partisan. It is a discussion of ideas and ideals, ideally. So why do we want to ask people to think about how their candidate looks at libraries on Super Tuesday? Because libraries are the most local expression of an American ideal: that everyone should have a chance to at success.

Take the pledge to #votelibraries on Super Tuesday and all through the election cycle.

Business Development and Job Training by Luis Prado (Orange) - Low ResWe want everyone who carries their library card and voter ID in their wallet all year to look at their ballot on Super Tuesday with libraries in mind. The president’s budget sets priorities for spending federal funding for libraries. House and Senate candidates will have the power to vote on budgets but also make laws about access, technology, privacy, and education policy that affect every library. Lower down the ticket on Tuesday – and on other statewide Elections Days this spring and in the fall –  there are races that matter about libraries. State and local officials – from the governor and general assembly to mayors and councils – set funding and policy priorities that can put libraries to work serving the whole community. Or our elected officials can make it harder for our librarians to be partners in educating our children, helping people find jobs and develop new skills, and encouraging communities to be stronger and more vibrant places to live.

Education Summertime Reading and Afterschool time by Lia Marcoux - Low ResIt is because libraries and librarians matter in your state and community that we are asking you to #votelibraries on Super Tuesday. If you are one of the cool people who already carry their library card and their voter ID all year, you can be our kind of special interest voter – a library voter – this year too.  Here is how you can help:

  1. Take the pledge today to #votelibraries on Super Tuesday and at every Election this year.
  2. Show off your #votelibraries love and use one of our free #votelibraries images as your social media profile picture.
  3. Use the #votelibraries hashtag on your posts and tweets when talking about the election.
  4. Share your pledge and commitment to library funding with your neighbors, friends and family by sharing story about how libraries change lives and transform communities. Here are a few real life ones you can use right away:

Thanks for spreading the word on Super Tuesday about how your vote – and everyone’s vote – matters for libraries and librarians!

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