The 2016 #VoteLibraries Pledge With Your Pics


votelibraries_bob-rubin_large vote-libraries-for-lifelong-learning-christine-lathrop-_largeDuring this election season it is important to let your family, friends, neighbors and elected officials know precisely where you stand regarding libraries and the value they add to your community and communities across America. As libraries continuously face opposition and threats to funding, it is important that those who love libraries take action for libraries. EveryLibrary’s #VoteLibraries initiative is the movement and call-to-action in support of libraries and the librarians who faithfully staff them in service to their communities.

For the entire month of November, EveryLibrary is asking you to join us by taking the “2016 #VoteLibraries Pledge With Your Pic” and updating your profile pics on your social media accounts to declare to your friends and families that you not only appreciate libraries, you support them, and are urging your elected officials to do so as well! All it takes is a quick update and here’s how:

  1. Select a #VoteLibraries image that “speaks” to you.presidential-inspiration_bob-rubin_large
  2. Upload the picture as either a permanent or temporary profile or cover image.
  3. Use #VoteLibraries and share this message with your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to “pledge” with their pics!
  4. Visit EveryLibrary’s action platform at to learn more about how you can take action for America’s libraries.

With an array of images to choose from, you can pick the “pic” that best reflects what libraries mean to you! Be the reason that libraries prevail and “pledge with your pic” today!