Views and Voices

print-vote-libraries-5-by-juana-medina-1_grandeThe opposition and threats against the advancement of libraries are real.  Fortunately, so are the many library advocates and communities of supporters who have experienced the life-changing power of libraries first-hand.  These advocates and supporters have perspectives about libraries that are as vital and varied as the institutions themselves.

Views and Voices – a collection of essays, poems and other expressions of support for America’s libraries – is the channel for sharing and celebrating these diverse perspectives with you.

We hope that by speaking up and sharing their views, our contributors will be able to help build a  society full of competent constituents that are committed to preserving the vitality of their local libraries and unwilling to allow them to be de-funded or marginalized.  When the opposition is vocal, we have a responsibility to be as well. Libraries are essential to our communities and – now, more than ever – your voice is essential to libraries.  Be responsible, be heard.


Are you a library supporter? Feel compelled to speak up and out in defense of libraries? Want to share a library related success story? We want to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below.