#votelibraries New Hampshire

Presidential-Inspiration_BOB-RUBIN_largeHow healthy is our local democracy? Libraries are at the center of learning, business development, and community outcomes all across New Hampshire. Our libraries support a democratic exchange and engagement – but not just every 4 years for meeting the candidates. Day in and day out, New Hampshire libraries help our towns to come together and our citizens to become informed about the issues that affect us and the entire nation. With VoteLibraries 2016, we want to ask you: “What can happen in our local communities when we vote for candidates who see libraries for what they truly are?” And we need you to tell your candidates what you think about libraries. 

Vote Libraries 1 Chair by Juana Medina - Low ResAcross New Hampshire, libraries help people grow and communities transform into strong, healthy, engaged, resilient, and sustainable places. They are better when our librarians have the resources they need to serve and partner. From towns like Londonderry where the Leach Library has seen its use grow by 49% over the last 5 years, to Milford where folks are considering a new 21st century library, New Hampshire seems to love its libraries. But the story is also complex, and it’s one about priorities. In Londonderry, the budget has been cut. In Milford, it’s not a sure thing that the community sees the library as a wise investment. 

When you cast your vote on Tuesday and on March 8th, consider how your candidates look at libraries, what they say the role of taxes are in building healthy communities and moving smart investments forward. Education Summertime Reading and Afterschool time by Lia Marcoux - Low ResWe have a bellwether role nationally in New Hampshire. And our elections on March 8th matter.  When you vote, be the best kind of special interest voter and #votelibraries. 
You can choose any of our profile pic-ready #votelibraries images and use it on your social media. Please tweet your endorsement of libraries on your way to the polls on Tuesday using #votelibraries #NHprimary. On March 8th, you have another chance to put #votelibraries on the #NH policy map.

If you got your library card back in grade school and registered to vote as soon as you were old enough, you’re a #votelibraries person. Join the movement to preserve and extend library services across the country by signing up for EveryLibrary Action Alerts. You can be a part of a new Rapid Response Team for libraries by signing up today.  

At EEducation and Storytime by Louise Norman - Low ResveryLibrary, we are working with libraries in 18 states as they move toward Election Days. Since 2013, we have helped 33 libraries with elections to secure funding at the ballot box and build library buildings that last for generations. We’re politically active for libraries from New York City to Michigan and from Nebraska to California. We will need your help reaching neighbors across New Hampshire who have libraries on the ballot March 8th. Please sign up and help put #votelibraries on the national, state, and local agenda.