VoteLibrary Apparel Available Now!

America’s libraries are more important than ever. From small towns to big cities, libraries support community growth, education for all ages, new business development, and the joy of discovery in the 21st Century. VoteLibraries, an initiative of EveryLibrary, is your call-to-action in support of our libraries and the librarians who serve diverse communities.

tote-bag-vote-libraries-6-tote-bag-by-juana-medina-1_grande tote-bag-education-summertime-reading-and-afterschool-time-tote-bag-by-lia-marcoux-1_grande t-shirt-business-development-and-job-training-women-s-t-shirt-by-luis-prado-1_grande

In June 2015, through a partnership with the Creative Action Network and support from dozens of donors like yourself, EveryLibrary created VoteLibraries images for you to use and share free of charge and without copyright restrictions. Due to your passionate support for libraries, we’ve expanded the VoteLibraries collection to include a variety of tote bags, t-shirts and tank tops available for purchase on the Creative Action Network VoteLibraries site. The VoteLibraries apparel lets you express yourself and your support for America’s greatest institutions.


VoteLibraries is becoming a powerful voice for change, helping people see libraries and librarians as the allies in education, business development, community empowerment, and individual discovery that they are – and have always been. Get the gear that gives back to libraries everywhere and show off your style and support by purchasing your VoteLibraries apparel today. Purchases support EveryLibrary, the contributing artists, and the Creative Action Network.