About VoteLibraries

Maker Spaces by Amanda Lenz - Low ResVoteLibraries is an initiative of EveryLibrary, the first nationwide Political Action Committee (PAC) for libraries. As a non-partisan, pro-library PAC, EveryLibrary helps local libraries across the country win funding for operations, collections, services, staffing, and buildings. Since 2012, EveryLibrary has helped secure over $100 million in stable tax funding on over 30 library elections.

We also work to support library communities when there is a budget negotiation with town/city/county government. All of our work is done pro-bono for the library communities and is supported by hundreds of donors like yourself. On behalf of EveryLibrary’s staff, board members, advisors and the many libraries we’ve been able to assist, we thank you and are grateful for the overwhelming support we continue to receive.

America’s libraries are more important than ever. From small towns to big cities, libraries support community growth, education for all ages, new business development, and the joy of discovery in the 21st Century. VoteLibraries is your call-to-action in support of our libraries and the librarians who serve diverse communities. You are encouraged to use or purchase VoteLibraries artwork and apparel, share your stories with us, and join the nationwide movement on the EveryLibrary action platform to help preserve our libraries and improve the public good. As VoteLibraries also aims to increase voter education around the issues related to library funding and ballot measures, we also request that you share the VoteLibraries message in your community and across social media.

VoteLibraries helps fulfill the EveryLibrary vision that: “Any library ballot measure anywhere matters to every library everywhere”. We took EveryLibrary as our name and invite you to participate in our work building voter support for libraries.

For more information about EveryLibrary, please visit our website at http://everylibrary.org.