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One Koch or Two: Why Library Advocacy...

D - EveryLibrary 1 March 16

Guest blog by Dustin Fife, Outreach Librarian at Utah Valley University; President of the Utah Library Association 2015-2016 The Koch Brothers, and their super PAC Americans for Prosperity, are targeting a library referendum with robocalls. They are calling for people to reject a well-planned library project that has been openly discussed and prepared in Plainfield, […]

Libraries Make Money for Your Communi...

JoCo image

You might have heard people claim that public libraries are good for the economy, and that they make good use of taxpayer dollars. Sounds like a great soundbite, right? But it’s more than that—it’s a fact that’s been proven time and again by serious economic studies. Let me share just a few: Johnson County (Kan.) […]

Libraries Provide a Place of Learning...


Having a resource for education is essential to every community. Schools are probably the first thing you think of, but libraries should jump in your mind simultaneously. Libraries not only provide Internet access, wifi, and countless print resources and electronic databases, but also an active place of learning to anyone of any cultural, religious, or […]

What would he have done without a lib...

Business Check

One day I helped a man print out his W2 and last 6 paychecks. He spoke a little English and I spoke a little Spanish but together we were able to communicate what he needed. He did not know how to use a computer so I helped him learn how to click the mouse, where […]

Super Tuesday – #VoteLibraries

Super Tuesday Vote Libraries Image

The top of the ticket matters on Super Tuesday. We’re talking about and voting on who will be the next President. It is on everyone’s mind and it is all over the news. It is a primary election. It is inherently partisan. It is a discussion of ideas and ideals, ideally. So why do we […]

Vote for Libraries Because Libraries ...


The War Ink virtual exhibit is a partnership between the Contra Costa County Library, a collective of California’s major library systems, and Jason Deitch, a former Army medic and military sociologist. Libraries have a duty to provide resources to all citizens, but place special emphasis on serving our returning veterans – a segment of our […]

Your Vote Matters to the Community; A...


There are many people who question the validity of libraries in the age of the Internet. I’m writing this short article to show you why you need to vote for libraries and ensure their existence in the United States. I think I am supposed to be quoting facts and figures that show that the library […]

5 Great Reasons to Vote for Libraries


Libraries are fantastic resources for local communities. They bridge gaps between America’s 1% and the other 99% while improving your community’s economy, education level, and social good. The best part is that libraries do all of this while averaging a total cost of just $4 a month! 1) Its not all on the Open Internet. […]

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